Croquetas from old time

I see a lot of post of Devil Crabs on FB and there are many tasty ones out there. But, I can’t help yearning for those days of hearing this man’s cry of “Jaiba”, croquetas de Jaiba! I treated myself to one of his delicious devil crabs most every day for my 8 years at OLPH. He would always drive by around lunch time, a typical Cubano – quick-witted and smart-assed but friendly as hell. His was a true kitchen industry, he went down to the docks before dawn and got his croaker sack of blue crabs, brought them back home to Ybor and cleaned and cooked them. His wife would have already used her day old Cuban bread to make the bread crumbs for the coating and together they would assemble and fry them up. Then, he’d load up his little scooter and hit the road. What really made them so awesome was their freshness. He made one batch sold them and went home. Nothing nowadays could touch that.

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